A Coffee Shop In Your House – Your Own Barista

Seeing that we are coming into a recession – this could be the best time to build your own little coffee shop in your house.  Seeing that the average drink at Starbucks now costs $5.25 – here is a great way to save $1365.00 per year (assuming you work 260 days a year).

Here are some great ideas to building your own coffee bar!


1. Utilize Extra Space:

If you have space under your stairs – this could be a great place for a wet bar. Combine your coffee bar with an adult bar and have a one stop shop for all home bevies.

Adding a sink is the perfect final touch for building your wet / coffee bar. If you have space for a small minibar – that would be a great addition as well.


coffee bar


2. Build For Your Space

If you have no extra room to build a coffee bar inclusive of sink, build to the space you have.

This kitchen built more of a breakfast bar, inclusive of toaster and serving tray. If you have limited space like this, building out a cupboard to fit pods is a great way to build a home coffee bar. It’s fun, easy to use and a great way to keep the kitchen clean.

small coffee bar

3. Get Creative:

If you have ample counter space, but are limited for cupboard space – attempt to build your own. This cupboard ads space as well as some style to the kitchen. You can buy cupboards or even use old end tables to build your own.



4. Keep It Classic

If all else fails – go back to the basics. Grab yourself a coffee pot – put it on a timer and grab some cute canisters and fill them up with coffee grounds, sugar and anything else you may need/want.


No matter what your situation, you can easily and cheaply create a coffee space that fits your needs.

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