April Housing Stats

Housing Stats April 2017:

  • Current Properties On The Market
  • Residential Properties – 1996
  • Single Family – 1180
  • Condominiums – 596
  • Townhouses – 220

Saskatoon Housing Market:

The current Saskatoon housing market finds a lot of the new home construction to have sold and now the public is waiting for the builders to build new spec homes. The two most in demand neighbourhoods appear to be The Meadows and Brighton. These communities can be found on the south east corner of Saskatoon and the North East corner respectively.

When it comes to previously occupied houses we are finding a lot of dated and overpriced properties on the market. These are creating supply but if a seller is properly pricing, staging and marketing their house; houses are selling within weeks for very close to list price and in some cases getting multiple offers. It goes without saying, but staging your home and getting it ready for the sale makes a big difference in time on the market.

Townhouses and condo’s are still in an over supply for the demand. We are seeing different developments moving very slowly while other projects are still being started. The condo housing market is where we consider it to be a buyer’s market with prices still having a chance to go down.

In review I believe we have a strong market going into spring and we have a lot of buyers waiting to find that right home. If things are priced right they are moving and builders will have a lot more coming onto the market late summer to early fall.

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