Bathroom Remodelling This Spring

Remodeling a home, especially a bathroom, can be as fun as it is stressful. There are several missteps you will want to avoid.


Here are our top five things to consider when remodelling or renovating your bathroom.

1) Not Having A Contingency Plan (budget)


Renovations and remodelling typically, usually, always go over budget. Coming under budget with a project you are 100% happy and proud of is most likely unlikely.

Failing to plan for any costly surprises is perhaps the biggest bathroom remodelling mistake of all. You could have water damage you need to fix. There could be a mold problem that needs to be contained – or you could break your sink/bathtub when moving it.


Those are just a few things that could happen in a bathroom reno. So, expect the best, but plan for the worse.



2) Forgetting About Electrical Outlets


Here is a common problem that professionals don’t forget, but people on a budget and DIY’ing their home frequently forget.


You need ample outlets in a bathroom. You may have to power: curling irons, hair straighteners, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, night lights, hair dryers and even tv’s. Even if your family does not use all these things, a family who may buy your home may one day need more than one outlet. Keep that in mind when you are renovating your bathroom. And keep in mind that huge bulky wall sockets are unattractive. Hidden outlets or wall cubes are the way to go.


3)  Forgetting Bathroom Storage


Trendy design choices with wicker baskets and pedestal sinks look amazing on Instagram. They are trendy and fun. However, having storage and ample space for towels, toilet paper and items such as bathroom amenities and makeup are crucial when it comes time to selling your home.


A bathroom mirror that takes the wall is great for design aesthetics but horrible for storage. The same is said for pedestal sinks. There is no counter space for anything and buyers can be turned off by that.


4) Completing Intricate Tile Work on Your Own


A lot of people think this is an easy job. They are wrong. Tiling is hard. If it’s not done properly it also causes a lot of problems such as water flow, if it’s uneven it can cut your toes. Most importantly, if installed incorrectly, your bathtub or shower could start to seep into your floor and walls. This can cause structural damage later.


If you want small intricate tiles or big tiles, hire a professional. This is one area you should not try to skimp on as it most likely is a feature piece.



5) Not Installing Ventilation

Most people forget about the less glamorous needs of a bathroom such as ventilation. However, forgetting about is the biggest problem with most home renovations.


The bathroom is the dampest room in our house. Forgetting about building in fresh air will definitely cause problems in the future.

In addition to mold, insufficient aeration could lead to mildew or persistent odours. So it’s important to include an exhaust fan in the plans and budget accordingly.


As always, if you need help buying or selling a home… or talking about renovations do not hesitate to call us.


Gregg Bamford

Ryan Bamford



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