Best Time To List Your House

best time to list your home
The best time to sell your home depends on a few things. Market, exterior conditions and readiness are just a few items to think about.

Follow along to find out when it would be best to list your specific home.


When Listings Are Down

It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway. When the market has an abundance of homes, it’s a buyers market. That’s not the best time to be selling a home. You want to sell when there are less listings. This way, your home will probably receive more showings. There should be more interest. And last, but not least, you will probably be able to negotiate better terms and



Yes, more people tend to move in the summer spring, but think about the condition of your home before you jump on the market seasonality.

If you have a yard that is need of some tender love and care – you might want to consider listing your home in the winter. The winter snow should mask some of the yard and should help you with curb appeal. You never want to deceive buyers, but curb appeal has a lot to do with selling a home and you want to put yourself in the best position.

If you live on an acreage, snow might be a problem when trying to drive to your yard. Winter conditions, as we all know, are

unstable at best. So, if you do live out of town, you might want to consider listing your home in the spring or the summer.

When It’s Ready

The absolute best time to list your home is when you have it ready to show potential buyers. For some people, this means they require some touch ups and some decluttering. For other people, this means some upgrades, paint, knobs, and a few pieces of furniture may need to change. And for some other people this means their home needs an overhaul and stagger if they hope to sell it.

It does not matter what category you fall into. Just remember – only list when you are ready.

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