Canadian Housing and Election

canadian election and housing

We want to be clear and state that we are not on one side or another when it comes to politics, we remain as neutral as possible.

Canadian housing and election platforms are going to be in the news as we head to the polls. This information is to highlight which candidates are looking at supporting housing affordability for Canadians.

It is no secret that the Canadian real estate market is insane right now. Housing prices skyrocketed during the pandemic in many communities. This is good news if you are a homeowner looking to stay in their place. But this is terrible news for anyone trying to move in next door.

So, whose plan will have the most curb appeal to voters?

CTV breaks down what the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats, and Greens have said on housing in this election and how experts have responded to their proposals.


Hopefully, this helps you with your decision when it comes time to voting.


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