CTV News & Gregg Bamford May 2020

Gregg Bamford was able to sit down with CTV Morning News and discuss what’s happening in the market and what’s to come.


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Here is an overview of what is covered in the interview:

The number one question everyone asks is what’s happening in the market.

This always is regarding Covid19, how safe it is and if there is a market

  1. I believe people overall have created a new norm
  2. Since the plan of the reopening with the new guidelines and procedures we feel there is an extra comfort level within the market
  3. Aprils numbers saw a major decrease in new listings and sales overall
  4. Vacant properties though received more showings then owner and tenant occupied properties
  5. but in the last week we have seen more listings hit the market which is similar to what we have seen in past years at this time


If a family is comfortable selling in today’s market what does that look like?

How have we changed to make this safe for everyone?

Waivers to confirm people aren’t having any flu like symptoms is now a form we have people sign.

Technology has inundated our business and how this screens homes and cuts down on showings has been helpful for all parties involved.

Safety guidelines we are using or actually creating as we go along.

  1. Many agents and buyers are leaning towards technology
  2. Open houses have been canceled until further notice because of this online information and virtual tours are helping buyers prescreen properties
  3. To protect the public many agents are using board certified documentation provided by the SRA to confirm the health of both parties
  4. It’s becoming industry standard to leave all lights on and all interior doors open during showings as we are trying to minimize contact with all services as much as possible.
  5. all these precautions are put in place so we can do things as safe as we possibly can
  6. Our standard protocol and maybe on the cautious side is wearing masks, gloves and boot covers. Social distancing is a must and this can be done in many different ways while showing properties.


If people aren’t comfortable selling in today’s climate what options do they have?

Talk about spending this time to make improvements




1. first of all we respect and understand the concerns sellers may have with accommodating showing and having their property on the market

2. this is great time to get your property ready for a future sale

3. take on the projects you have been neglecting over the years, Painting rooms to neutral colours, staining the deck possibly finishing bigger projects you had started

  1. Make sure you spend time manicuring your yard
  2. decluttering your property will show better in pictures and get you a better return of value


Re-evaluate in a month or two and see where the market is at and how comfortable you feel


What do you think the next couple months will look like?

  1. We see things constantly changing and being determined by Covid and what’s happening in the community
  2. If everything stays the way it is now the spring market will happen with listings rising as long as people feel comfortable
  3. We will continue to see new safety guidelines coming into play and people will adjust
  4. I believe we just need to be as safe as possible going into the future


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