From Our House To Your New Home…

It’s taken you years to become intimately familiar with the particular workings of your home. So, when it’s time to hand over the
keys to the new owner, you’ll want to do them a favour and jot down any points about the property that may make

this transition smoother.

Some homes have quirks. Sometimes older homes have light switches in unassuming locations. Sometimes if you flush a toilet on the main floor someone showering upstairs get’s scolded. If this is your house, here are some ideas of how to help the new occupants of your home.

House List:


  • Light switches. If they aren’t logically situated closest to the corresponding light leave a note. This will help the new owners make the connection.
  • If there’s a time gap between you moving out and the new owners coming in and you decide to shut off the water valves to avoid the risk of damage from leaks in the empty property, let the new owners know where the valves are and that they’re shut off. Leaving a note alleviates panic and allows your new homers to start their new memories on a positive note.
  • Leave the code to the garage door (and garage door openers) on the counter. Also – leave homeowners the instructions on how to change the garage code or door lock codes.
  • If you are a green thumb leaving behind your lush garden you may want to outline which perennials to expect in different parts of the garden and how best to care for those plants once the warm weather kicks in.
  • Last but not least leave a note about your favourites:
  • Freshest baked goods
  • Community events
  • Helpful neighbour phone numbers and house numbers
  • Garbage and recycle days
  • Babysitters (if the new family has children)
  • Best restaurants
  • Closest car wash location
  • Anything that would help you – leave for your new occupants.

Closing Up Loose House Ends:

If you keep a binder or folder for appliance manuals, instruction papers and warranties for appliances and other things staying in the home do not forget to leave that on the counter as well. If you’ve recently painted, you may want to leave the leftover paint or at least the paint chips in case the new owners need to match colours when touching up the paint in a particular room.Closing Up Home Details:

Buyers moving in will appreciate finding a roll of toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels left in the washroom for their use, and a few bottles of water in the fridge.

Last but not least, you’ll want to jot down your new address and contact information, in case any deliveries come for you that need to be forwarded on.

As always, if you need help buying or selling your home please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Buying or Selling a Home?

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