How To Declutter With Ease

Declutter With Ease

Facing a cluttered space can feel disheartening. Who has the time (or frankly, the desire) to spend all day clearing clutter?

Making progress toward a clean, clutter-free space doesn’t have to be something you devote an entire day to. Instead, carve out bite-size chunks of time to work on clearly defined tasks. You can get the serene space you deserve in a way that also works with your schedule. Here are 5 quick ways to get started!

Alright, let’s get you to declutter with ease!

1. Edit One Bookcase Declutter With Ease

Do you have a large book collection spread throughout the house? Sorting through all those books at once may not be practical. So start with something more doable instead. One bookcase. Keep an empty box or shopping bag by your side.  Fill it with books you no longer want or need. When you’re done take them to your car and make a plan to drop them off to donate or sell.

2.Clear the Kitchen Counter

The kitchen counter is such a common dumping ground for all sorts of stuff: school notices, rubber bands, shopping bags, receipts, to-do lists and on (and on). Set your timer and get to work — recycle unneeded papers and put away items that belong elsewhere. If you need a drop-spot on the counter, make it a clearly defined zone to prevent clutter sprawl in the future: Try a bowl for pocket change and a tray or basket for mail.

3.Simplify the Linen Closet

Do you know how many sets of sheets and towels you own? If you’ve been accumulating linens for years without purging the old ones, chances are your linen closet is full — If you hope to donate your old linens, be sure to check with the donation center first, because guidelines on acceptable donations can vary widely. For instance, some may accept tea towels but not bath towels.

4.Remove Worn and Outgrown Children’s Clothes

Working through one drawer, shelf or hanging rack at a time, pull out any of your child’s clothes that are too small, or too damaged, to wear. If you plan to save items for a younger child, neatly fold them and place them in a bin labeled with the size (for example, 2T) in a storage closet. Place any clothing that is too worn or damaged to keep or sell in a bag destined for your closest textile recycling bin.

5.Clear Your Desktop & Office Papers

The next time you find yourself procrastinating instead of getting your work done, step away from aimless social media scrolling, and set the timer for a desk-centered clutter-blasting session instead. Sort and file important papers, shred and recycle unneeded documents, test the pens in your pen cup, and clear out the drawers. There, doesn’t that feel better?


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