Is Your Home “SMART”

smart home

The IoT (internet of things) has made life simpler. Super simple! You can turn on your crock pot. Adjust your home temperature and arm your alarm. All of this with the touch a button from your phone. So we ask the question, how smart is your home?

smart home

A “smart home” includes technology that can automatically have your coffee ready for you before you rush out the door in the morning.  It then allows you to check that the coffee maker is turned off after you’ve left the house. A “smart home” knows when you have left home. It adjusts the temperature for you so that you can save energy and money.


Smartphone integration can allow you to control lights, appliances, alarm systems, heating and air conditioning, and more from your mobile device, no matter where you are. It’s really quite amazing. You can even be alerted when your children leave the door open for too long.


How Does A Smart Home Affect Home Sales?


It helps more than you think.


Smart home technology scores high in the safety and security category too. Programs can keep you aware of what’s going on both in and around your home, from motion sensors that send an alert when there’s someone lurking outside your house, to notifying you when your kids get home from school, and then letting you know if they are watching TV instead of getting their homework done!


These are selling features for most parents who want to have an extra “set of eyes” or want to be able to check on things at home when they are not able to be physically be there in person.


Why Is Smart Technology Important In A Home


There are a lot of reasons people are opting for smart homes. A few were mentioned above. One of the biggest reasons is checking in on the kids. Another reason is the aging population of Saskatchewan. A lot more homeowners are staying in their homes longer and sometimes alone. Smart homes can provide peace of mind for the children taking care of their aging parents.


Did you know, there are smart security systems that can literally save lives, with an ability to not only wake up residents with fire alarm notifications, but then also call the fire department, unlock doors, and light the way to safety! Other technology has similar sensors that detect gas and water leaks.


Smart home technology offers convenience, safety, and economic benefits too, as homes are lit up, dialed down, heated and cooled in the most energy-efficient manner. And when it comes time to put a home with automated systems on the market, sellers have the advantage of being able to feature next-level selling points over any similar properties.


Don’t worry if you do not have a smart home. However, if you are looking for a new home, this might be a great option for you.

Buying or Selling a Home?

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