Let’s Talk Backsplash


The kitchen is the heart of the home.

The backsplash, for some homes, becomes a focal point. If you are curious as to where to end your backsplash and where to start, you are not alone? Designing the cabinets and backsplash can be a surprisingly complex question. These ideas should help you find the right place to stop your backsplash to get a crisp look in any kitchen.

Before we begin, please keep in mind, installing a full-height backsplash may not be as costly not as aesthetically overwhelming as you might think. A classic porcelain tile, with an optional contrast grout, can give a sophisticated, classic look for just a few dollars per square foot. The end result can provide a more luxe-looking option than a higher-end material used in conservative doses.

Before you begin your kitchen tiling: 

  1. Measure the space you are looking at tiling (if that includes a half wall) but also have measurements ready for the entire space and walls in case you change your mind.
  2. Budget different tiles and take a few home to see how they look in the kitchen overall.
  3. When you are ready to tile keep in mind that you might want to upgrade your kitchen or cabinets in the future. Will the tiles you choose today to be evergreen? Meaning, will they work if you change your appliances or cabinets? If not, you might want to rethink your choice?


Tiling Idea #1: Tile All Cabinet Walls

If you are budget conscious, or a minimalist, or you just like a little tile in your kitchen, tile the walls that have cabinets on them. End your tiling at the cabinet corners rather than wrapping around the sides of the cabinets. This will provide a sleek and polished look.

In smaller kitchens, if you cover the entire wall in a backsplash, it can provide the illusion of a bigger room.




Tiling Idea #2: Size Your Tiles Accordingly

Sometimes, you walk into a kitchen and it has gorgeous tiling, and yet, something about the overall look seems off. It’s not always easy to ascertain what’s wrong, but often, it’s the asymmetry in the area and size of the tiles. In the kitchen, it could be the distortion of a tile pattern on either side of the kitchen sink. Or, it could simply be that the kitchen is large and the tiles are tiny. Or the opposite could hold true.



Tiling Idea #3: Keep It Classic

Your tile needs to stand the test of time, assuming you are going to stay in your home for your life. If you plan on selling your home in the near future (and that’s why you are renovating your kitchen) try not to think about what you specifically want and try to think about what would appeal to several people who may be looking at your home. The wider the net you cast, the more appeal your kitchen will have.




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