Master Bedroom Make Overs

master bedroom

A master bedroom that is beautifully designed and carefully planned out in terms of design can help you wind down at the end of the day! Waking up and starting the day off fresh in the morning with a system and a space for all your bedroom items kicks the day off on the right foot as well.

We have some master bedroom inspiration for you to consider if you are ready to redo your main room!

You might find that an accent wall, a seating area, and or a neutral color palette are the right combination for you to create a restful and stylish space.

1) Built Ins

We love a good built in! Nothing organizes a room and maximizes space like a built in closet, wardrobe or shelving unit!

Master bedroom


2) A Neutral Color

A calm neutral bedroom is a great way to start your day and a great way to wind down. Having loud colors or a lot of patterns, textures and colors can keep you wired after a long day.

master bedroom


3) Patterns | Textures

If you are feeling that your neutral color palettes are not enough for you – consider adding some textures to your room. You can add wood behind the headboard. You can add textured textiles and carpets. If that is still not enough add some textured wall paper for an extra kick.

master bedroom


4) Window treatments

Last but least if you still want to add to your bedroom – look at your windows. Changing the blinds or adding window treatments is a great way to get a litte more

master bedroom

Master bedrooms that are well designed, well laid out and have functional space will always be a great selling feature! Plus, if your bedroom is well designed and a calm place to be, you might find you use it more for other things.

Buying or Selling a Home?

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