5 Subconscious Reasons No One Is Buying Your Home

Selling your home is an emotional process. There are a lot of feelings that can arise even if things go smoothly, you still might feel – excitement, anxiousness, despair, frustration… the list goes on. 


Now, imagine your house doesn’t sell and you are stuck trying to figure out why. Sometimes the answer is glaringly obvious and other times it’s not that easy to detect what is throwing off potential buyers. 


Sometimes the problem is subconscious – buyers do not even know what they don’t like about the home they just tell us, “It’s just not what we expected.” 


If you find yourself stuck in the “Why are people not buying our home” stratosphere here are somethings you could be overlooking.


1) Odours


Smells are a big part of the problem when selling a home. If your home smells like cigarette smoke people are instantly turned off. They think about their health and the work it will take to fix the problem. 


Damp smells of Mold smells are another big deterrent for potential buyers. No one wants to be worried about mold growing in their home. It could also be a potential health risk. 


Pet odours are also overlooked. Even if you have taken your pet out of the house for showings, their odors might still be present. Just because you no longer smell your beloved pet, does not mean the new potential owners cannot. 


And last, but not least, an overall dirty smell. If your home did not get a proper cleaning before you invited people in for a showing (and especially if your home looks dirty) this can throw off potential buyers.


So, ensure your home smells seasonal – if it’s winter have it smell like apple cider or hot chocolate. If it’s spring, have your home smell of fresh clean air or flowers. If it is summer time having your home smell like the beach or garden-esque is always a good idea. And if it is the fall, you can never go wrong with a pumpkin spice blend in your home. 


2) Old Flooring Throughout Your Home


People coming into your home want to be able to see themselves living there. If you have worn out tattered carpet throughout the upstairs of your home – it’s going to throw people off.


We understand that replacing your carpet throughout your home might cost you $2000 or more. People typically do not like investing money in a house they want to sell but we urge you to think about the cost of your home sitting on the market for 60+ days. Or, what happens if you have to reduce pricing? 


So, if you have worn out carpets or floors throughout your home think about the cost of fixing it versus the cost of not. 


3) Kids Stuff Everywhere


This is a big one for families as well as couples. If you walk into a home and you have a family of your own – seeing children’s stuff everywhere makes you think “there is not enough storage”. Most times families look to move or upgrade their home is because there is a lack of space. If your home suggests you have the same problems, you have automatically turned away families. 


The same is true for couples. If a single couple shows up at your home and they see kids items everywhere they may think your home won’t have enough space for them, let alone their potential growing family.


The best advice we can give you – remove all the items you can and make it look as though you have space for everything you and your children have.  Even if your living room looks super trendy (and organized) like the image below, it’s too much. It’s overwhelming for buyers. Take out the tent and the toy boxes and the book rack on the floor to create a more moveable and breathable space. 



4) Neighbours


It’s sad to say, but this one is a little out of your control. However, if the neighbours are a problem, you may have to pitch in and help. 


Think about this situation, you have staged the inside of your home. You have hired a gardener to make your yard meticulous and your curb appeal has never been better. However, right next door to your perfect home is a run down shack. 


Imagine how you would feel moving into that home? 


If you find yourself in this situation you may need to knock on the neighbour’s door and ask them if they would be ok with you (or your gardener or your team) tidying up their space. 


You don’t need too crazy here but you may need to paint a fence and cut the grass in order to boost your own curb appeal. You might also need to plant some bushes or trees to hide the unsightliness from the confines of your oasis. 


5) You 


If you are an anxious seller and hang around the property – that could turn a lot of people off. Again, people want to envision themselves living in your home. Your presence makes that hard to do. 


Also, if you have kept all your knick knacks and family photos everywhere – other people are going to continue to see you and not them in the home. It’s always wise to make the home as neutral as possible, meaning take down the family photos and most things that are “personal”. 


Keeping a neutral space allows potential buyers to use their imagination and see where their photos would go. How their furniture would look, etc. 


If you need help buying or selling your home, do not hesitate to let us know. 


Gregg Bamford and Ryan Bamford

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