Outdoor Summer Projects Saskatoon

Summer is here. And with the current situation that is COVID – many of us are looking for ways to make our homes and our outdoor areas more usable. 


Whether you have a small yard, Juliette balcony, or a backyard oasis, there are ways to configure your space to make a beautiful functional space.


The following 4 tips will range from simple easy fixes to hard to tackle projects like building a deck. 


1) Start with simple outside accents


If the walls are drab – opt for adding simple planters. Spruce up areas with a planter box, hanging planters or wall moss. 


If it’s the deck or balcony that looks like it could use some love – think about adding a rug, turf or an outdoor mat to the space. 



2) Add a Pop Of Color


Summer is a great time to work on that green thumb and add some flowers to your space. Not only does it boost your mood but it is great for curb appeal. 


If flowering is not your jam, be sure to buy some perennials so that you only have to get your hands dirty every other year or so. 



3) Expand the landings


This project is going to take some time, effort and elbow grease. However, if you are up for it, expanding your front porch and your back deck go a long way. It ads more “living” space to the home for a few months out of the year and provides a peaceful getaway. 



4) The Side Of Your Yard Project


Often time times, people overlook the side of their yards. Sometimes – for good reasons – RV’s are parked there, it’s a place for the garbage, etc. However, if you can clear the area there are several ways to make great use of the space. You can add planters, a hanging swing, built in seating, add a side deck, or anything else you can think of for the space.




The side yard can be a great wind barrier in Saskatchewan as well. 


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