Pendant Lighting

pendant lighting

Chandeliers used to be all the rage! You would walk into a large home with a large foyer and one of the things you would notice is the chandelier.

Enter 2021 – the new rage is pendant lighting. And sometimes, the smaller, and more unique, the better. Pendant lighting used to be more so secluded to kitchen islands, maybe down a hallway, or in one area of a home. But right now, pendant lights are the new chandeliers. They are being used over tables, in foyers and bedrooms for bedside lighting instead of traditional lamps.

Where can you use pendant lighting in your home:


1) The kitchen table:

pendant lighting

Kitchen tables are starting to look very sleek with the new pendant lighting that is getting added to them. We think the skinner and the more concentrated, the better.


2) The bedroom

pendant lighting
Image borrowed from:

The ambiance in the bedroom is elevated once pendant lighting is added. Adding dimmers also gives your room a little more flare.

3) The Hallway

pendant lighting

photo borrowed from design by tribe studio

The lighting in this hallway really adds to the minimalist look this home is going for. It is also a great accent to the floating stairs.


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