Remodelling A Home


Remodeling projects can come with their ups and downs.

Certain phases of your project will fly by, while others feel like they drag on and on and on. Every home renovation and every project will be different and all phrases will feel different. Let’s unpack

Certain phases seem to go a mile a minute, while others feel like they’ve lasted a lifetime and a half, all while it looks as though nothing is being completed. Fear not — this is pretty typical. And, while every project is different, a good portion of renovations have four major phases.


Step 1 Remodelling Planning & Excitement:

Planning is usually one of the most exciting parts of the renovation (besides the completion day of course). It starts with you imagining your new home or space. Then you do your research. Check references. Call and book demolition crew, home design, interior designer, and of course put your plan and budget into action. Then, you sign your contracts and begin the process.


Step 2 Set Backs & The Hard Work

Once we get going – we expect consistent progress. However, when you are going through renovations you must remember that things can occur such as asbestos, permit delays, shipping setbacks of your product, etc. Sometimes, you cannot see structural elements or problems until after the demolition occurs. There is no doubt this is frustrating and causes strife. That’s why it is always a great idea to roll with the punches and know that you might 35% over budget when the renovation is complete. If you are not ready for setbacks nor additional costs, you might not want to start a large renovation.


Step 3 Embracing Change

If you are not great at change; or if changing plans can be somewhat anxiety-inducing then be careful before you do a renovation. You will want to know change and get to know it on a personal level. No matter what room you’re touching (whether it’s the kitchen or a teensy tiny guest bath), it’s likely that you use that room daily. The sooner you accept that this room (major or not) will be unavailable for a period of time, the sooner you’ll be able to adapt your daily routines to fit around it.

The sooner you realize that you might also need:

  • new paint
  • new tiles
  • to wait 3 weeks for a permit
  • changing your final plan

Etc –  you will be better equipped to handle the changes that might come at you.


Step 4 Enjoy the New

Now it’s time to revel in that post-contract-signing bliss and maybe enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage. Enjoy it, because now that you have completed one renovation, it is hard not to jump into a new one.


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