Should Sellers Hire a Home Inspector, Too?

It is considered foolish to buy a home without having an inspection before closing. Sometimes, a home inspection is even

required for a mortgage to be approved.


That’s from the buyer side of the table but what about the seller? Should a home seller consider a pre-inspection before they

sell their home to look for potential problems before it’s listed?

Let’s look at the pre-inspection and weigh the pros and cons about completing one before selling your home.

Pro: A Pre-inspection Means Fewer Surprises When You Receive An Offer

A certified home inspector evaluates about 1600 items that make up a properties foundation. Some of these items include foundation, structure, plumbing and the HVAC systems. The purpose is to uncover hidden and possibly expensive problems that could affect the value of your home.

For sellers, the benefits of a pre-inspection may offer peace of mind. You will be able to identify problems, or lack thereof before you sell your home. Once the inspection is complete you will know if you need to complete some updates before listing your home. Or, you may realize you will be receiving less then what you are asking for if your home needs a new furnace and a new roof.

can soften the suspense of waiting to hear back from the buyer’s home inspector about possibly pricey repairs that might be deemed necessary.

Con: A Pre-inspection Costs The Seller Money

On average, a home inspection will cost about $200.00 to $700.00. Because pre-inspections aren’t required, that’s cash you could put toward other things such as home improvements or repairs that you know will help sell your home.

Another con is that you are paying for something that will be paid for by potential buyers when they are interested in purchasing your home.

Pro: A Pre-Inspection Gives You Time to Fix Problems

A pre-inspection provides a preemptive strike for the seller! You you know something is wrong with your home, you will fix it and by fixing it you have a strong first impression and excellent curb appeal if people are looking to purchase your home and move in quickly. If repairs are done, the new home owners should be able to take possession quickly – assuming you have somewhere to move into as well.

Con: A Pre-inspection Doesn’t Put You In The Clear

If you hire an inspector and then repair the list they have given you, the buyers may hire a home inspector and he may find a new list of problems. As a result, the buyers may demand you fix the problems that arise on the new list as well.

So, even if you spring for a pre-inspection and address the issues that come up, the buyer’s inspector might have overlooked those problems — instead identifying new problems that require more repairs.

And last but not least – whatever you find out during your home inspection, you have to disclose.

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