The Best Built Kitchens

The Best Built Kitchens

Designing a home is a lot of work! Building the most beautiful and most functional kitchen might even be harder. Think about it – the kitchen is the one room you will use every day, at least two times a day. It is usually the gathering point of the home.

We’ve compiled some must-have designs that should go into a kitchen and some ideas you might want to incorporate into your own kitchen.


1. Storage. Storage. And more Storage.

You need and want a functional kitchen. You want a kitchen that flows. Your storage layouts and solutions will determine how functional your kitchen is. Of course, everyone wants a lovely kitchen, but aesthetics should not outweigh the ease in which you cook, clean and put your spices and pots and pans away.

Take some time to take inventory of what you have and what you regularly use. Knowing your plate, cutlery and small appliance needs will better equip you to build a kitchen that is gorgeous and functions well.

The Best Built Kitchens

2. The Island

Your little piece of kitchen happiness! The island is probably one of the best things in the kitchen. It adds extra storage with extra countertop space and it is a safe haven for conversations, homework, and on-the-go meals. The island can be the location for a stove, a sink, the dishwasher, meal prep, crock pots, bar fridge, slow cookers, and anything else you can think of adding to it.

We are going to suggest that an island is a must-have in a kitchen.

The Best Built Kitchens


3. Lighting

We’ve mentioned lighting before. We have written a blog about this as well. Lighting makes or breaks the mood of the home. Your kitchen is the most used space so make sure your lighting is on point!

Depending on what you are doing in the kitchen, you will require different lighting. A romantic dinner requires dim but established lighting. Cooking, chopping and reading ingredients require more light! Chatting with friends, sitting and sipping a beverage all require different light sources. Equip yourself and your kitchen with those options.

Some light functions to consider; recessed lighting, spotlights, sink and range lighting. Pendant lighting and under lighting.

The Best Built Kitchens

4. Quality Appliances – In The Best Built Kitchen

There is nothing worse than attempting to cook in a kitchen where the appliances do not work… or do not work well.

Your kitchen is meant for cooking. If you do not have the tools to properly execute that function, the kitchen has failed. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to your stove, oven, range or sink (a sink is not an appliance but still very important).

The Best Built Kitchens

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