The Front Door Curb Appeal

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You’ve heard us talk about curb appeal before. This includes making sure your home looks great to someone pulling up to it. Your yard should be well-manicured. There should be a clear path to get to your front door. And once people get to your front door, the entry to your home should be open warm and inviting.


Here are some tips to making your front door stand out.


1. Lighting

Add a warm and safe feeling to the entryway of your home by adding lights. This can include a front porch light, hanging lights, or walkway path lights. All of these create e sense of calm and safety towards your home. You can also grab some solar-powered lights to cut down on more yard work of replacing bulbs.


2. A Bright Door

Bright doors are in right now. Some people have red, blue and bright yellow doors. No matter what color of door you decide to use try to make it look bright and inviting. If a big bold color door does not fit the overall theme or tone of your abode, pick a door that has a unique feature or large windows.


3. Potted Plants

Having potted plants, shrubs or evergreens add a sense of calm and relaxed sophistication to your entry. However, if the plans are not well maintained and if they are overgrown and messy it could give off more of a jungle vibe – and that’s not what we are going for!


4. Double Doors

There is something about large double doors that always feels inviting. It also makes moving a lot of easier. Large double doors are not only inviting but they add a sense of abundance to the home when they are both opened. Also – did we mention how much easier moving is when you have two doors that open?


5. Outside seating

Adding a porch swing, chairs, or a section outside conveys the message of relaxation. Having outside seating also provides exertion to your home for 3 seasons out of the year (or in reality in Saskatoon, 3 months). Having a quiet place to relax, read or send the kids to play is an added bonus for any family.


As always, if you need help with any aspect of your home never hesitate to reach out to Gregg Bamford or Ryan Bamford.

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