Tips for Moving Dressers and Wardrobes

Getting ready for a move? We’ve been asked several times how to protect large items such as china cabinets, wardrobes and large drawers when moving. If you are using a moving company, they usually know how to do this very well.

If you are not using a moving company (or you are taking everything apart and packing it for the moving company) here are some tips both to protect your items and to maximize their usability during your move.

1. Unscrew any handles and then screw them back in, except with the handles facing the inside of the drawers or cabinet doors. This prevents the handles from sticking out and possibly getting damaged during your move. If you are worried about stripping, or wearing out the drill holes, you can also simply tape the handles and screws to the inside of the drawers. If all handles, pulls and drawers are the same, you can put them all in a ziploc bag and tape that to the inside of the drawers.

2. Cut down on moving boxes or plastic bins by filling the drawers with clothes or whatever else you will be moving anyway. Just be sure not to fill them with things that will make the furniture too heavy to lift. This is a great way to save space, save boxes, and it’s one less thing you need “unpack”. When moving, it is a great idea to keep your drawers neat and as is. You can also place items in between clothes such as flat picture frames.

3. Prevent drawers and doors from flying open during the move while protecting your furniture too, by wrapping the full circumference of the unit with plastic wrap. Assuming you have not taken doors or drawers out – plastic wrap is a great way to keep your doors and drawers from flying open.


4. Remove legs from china cabinets and drawers if they are small, flimsy or will easily be broken in the move. Once again, remove these items and place them in a large bag and then put that in a drawer or bin associated with the china cabinet/dresser/etc.


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Gregg Bamford


Ryan Bamford

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