Wallpaper – The Trend Is Your Friend


When you hear this word, do you think of your parent’s or grandparents’ house? Yes, so do we. However, there are some amazing new wallpapers out there and they are a great way to add some pop to your home.

There are a few trends we are going to cover today, but there are many trends you should keep your eye on. Some of the top 10 wallpaper trends for 2021 are:

Panoramic murals
3D styled art
Geometric and

We are going to cover: Panoramic murals, 3d style art, and textured wallpaper today.

1) The Panoramic Murals:

panoramic, mural wallpaper, which has seen an increase of over 300%+ in Google searches over the past year. 3D wallpaper designs will become a huge trend. People are looking for creative ways to make spaces feel bigger. We have been locked in from a pandemic and so people have taken to adding their favourite place to their homes as inspiration for the future.

Where are people putting the wallpaper?

Everywhere. Living rooms are being transformed into an oasis. Bedrooms are becoming mountain tops and bathrooms are becoming large bustling cities. It is amazing to see the detail in this wallpaper.


2) 3D Style Art

This trend is one of our favourite trends right now. As we are creatures of habit, right now there seems to be a sense of wanting simple and structured design. 3D geometric tile walls do just that. People are using these tiles as wallpaper throughout their house, but also as “art” or additional wall features.

Where are people putting the wallpaper?

Everywhere. Bedrooms are getting art placed above their beds in shapes of clouds, butterflies, you name it. Bathrooms are getting an art piece and a little texture as well as kitchens, living rooms and dens.




3) Textured Wallpaper

If you have an idea for texture, color, layers, etc it seems nothing is impossible these days with the abilities to print wall coverings. We are seeing new wallpaper that is smooth, seductive, and adding a lot of warmth of a sense of softness.

Where are people putting the wallpaper?

Everywhere. And literally, the sky is the limit. If you have an idea in your head or if you want your bedroom to look like the inside of a blue seashell/ clam – DONE!


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