Winter Emergency Kits

Winter weather is upon us.
One minute there is a blizzard outside and the next minute it is above freezing and raining.
You never know when a Saskatchewan winter storm is going to blow through and potential knock out your power for a few hours, or even a few days. Here are some basics to include in your home emergency kit, to help weather the next blackout:

The Winter Emergency Basics:

Flashlights and extra batteries

Warm blankets or sleeping bags

Fully-charged, portable charger for your cell phone

1 gallon of bottled water, per person, per day

A three to four-day supply of medications

Toilet paper, diapers, infant formula, personal care needs as necessary

Non-perishable food and snacks, and a manual can opener

Pet food and additional water for household pets

A first-aid kit

Cash, including change and small bills

A hand-cranked or battery radio

A generator

Candles (Larges ones inside a glass container) smaller ones that you can keep out of reach from children

What To Do In A Winter Emergency:

The first thing to do is pay attention. If you know there is a winter storm coming, plan ahead. Get home. Make sure you have charged anything you will need to use during a storm if the power is knocked out.

Once you are home, if the power goes out, stay calm and remain in doors.

Be sure to make sure everyone inside the home is cozy and knows that the power will come back on soon.

Typically, power returns within the hour, but this year they are calling for a deep freeze in Saskatchewan. Should that happen, you will at least be prepared for everything mother nature throws at us.

The other thing to think about is the snow. If there is a storm, typically, that brings a lot of snow. And as we know, the winter storm of 2007 dumped a lot of snow in Saskatoon and a lot of people were stuck in doors for a few days.


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