2022 Design Trends

2022 design trends

Many design trends come and go. Not every fad will be practical and appropriate for all homes. However, some of the new design trends that are coming our are focused on a minimalistic approach to building and hoe decor. 

Many new trends are focused on sustainability and longevity. 

Here are the top 4 2022 Design Trends we think are worth investigating.

1) Tactile Textures

The growing recognition that our perception of objects within the built environment affects how we feel was the subject of a panel discussion, “How Do Materials Shape Positive Experiences?” The conversation focused on the sensory impact of materials and their effect on our well-being.

A focus on touch was apparent in new product launches, too, with many surfaces taking on a tactile quality.

Having a room that is asking to be touched is a cool new statement. 

2022 design trends


2) Mimicking Nature

Many people are now familiar with the concept of biophilia in our homes – living plants! Allowing nature to come or creating a living wall.  

The idea behind the process is to encourage designs that emulate the ingenuity of models, systems and elements found in the natural world. This in turn will hopefully encourage a better understanding of nature and a focus on sustainability. Many people are also growing herb walls and allowing nature to flow into their homes and their kitchens year round! These simple and effective tactics are wonderful for homes, and our bodies. 

New end tables, lamps and lighting have a large focus on mimicking the shapes naturally found in our world and many of them are calming and awe inspiring. 

2022 Design trends

3) Calming Illumination

Lighting took on an ethereal and simple quality this year. With beautiful pendants that dangle delicately from the ceiling (like above). 

With a focus on how lighting affects our consciousness, The idea is that nature-inspired light makes us feel calm and soothed. 

There is nothing worse than walking into a home with the brightest fluorescent lights. It makes you feel like you are in a sterile environment and it makes you want a dimmer. 

We have seen a lot of cool design like this one below. A kitchen wall is lit up with this art work/installation. When you walk in you don’t expect to let off as much light as it does. The ambience it exudes during dinner is like nothing else. Calm. Cool. Serene. We also love that it incorporates everyday kitchen tools on the wall.


2022 design trends

4) Mining Our Cities

The concept of the circular economy has gained strength in the design world, and within this is an idea known as urban mining. It originated from the belief that all the raw materials we need can be found by recycling the items around us in our towns and cities.

Everything from art, to plates and cups can be repurposed and is a large focus in the 2022 design trends. 

We love this store – Prairie Vintage Charm. And this recycled piece is incredible! If you are looking to repurpose, up-cycle, recycle, etc this is the place to check out if you are around Saskatoon.

2022 design Trends


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