TV’s – Which One Fit’s My Lifestyle


Does anyone else remember a time when you chose a T.V based on its size and brand and that was sort of it?!

Enter today – state-of-the-art TVs. Smart TV’s. Home theater screens. High-resolution images and hundreds and hundreds of channels or streaming options.

Your TV options are limitless and go beyond anything you might have dreamed of even a few years ago. There are “lifestyle” TV’s like the Samsung Frame TV. It can be artwork. It can wake you up when you get home. It can host your family portraits. Or it can simply reflect your personal style and complement your home’s decor with a static image.

You can purchase a 95 inch TV or you can get “The Wall” TV which measures 1000 inches and is supposed to be a statement TV for a theater room!

With all of these options at your fingertips, which screen is best for you? Your viewing preferences and your home? With the help of interior designer Stacey Cohen, let’s walk through the options.

We have some practical options for you to choose from and one not so practical option :

1) Samsung Frame TV

The Frame TV is one of our favorite TV’s and many people are opting into this style/option. A picture frame TV is a good choice for you if you love sleek, artistic or flexible options for your wall. You can also choose the frame: black, white, gold, or brown.

When your TV is off, the screen becomes a blank art canvas. Simply set it to art mode and it displays your favorite work of art. Set your TV to wake up when you are home and or choose one of the 1500+ pieces of artwork from world-renowned institutions.

TV's the frame

2) Samsung Serif TV

The Serif TV makes a statement!

Enjoy the view of your TV from all angles—and Samsung doesn’t just mean the display. The Serif looks beautiful from front to back, side to side. Let The Serif elegantly blend in with your space.

Place The Serif literally anywhere in the room! The detachable stand gives you the option to remove the legs and move it around from room to room, making it all the more versatile. This is a real cool TV for someone who needs options to move a TV or who wants a multipurpose screen!

TV's Serif

3) Samsung Freestyle Smart FHD Portable LED Projector

The Freestyle Projector is best for people who do not have a dedicated TV space but love watching shows all over their home.

If you’re often on the move, you need a TV screen that suits your on-the-go style. This compact, portable projector is at the forefront of the new generation of projector TVs.

The easily transportable screen has an adjustable 180-degree cradle stand, so you can project your favorite content from a variety of angles onto different surfaces. Its 100-inch screen, premium sound and smart TV experience will change the way you think about projector viewing.

TV's projector

4) Samsung The Wall

The Samsung Wall is in a class of its own! The TV is 1000 inches so you need a large home or office space to place this incredible piece.

This TV exhibits spectacular visuals that make a bold statement in any business or luxury living environment. Unrivalled picture quality delivers the ultimate viewing experience, while easy installation and management make operating The Wall effortless.



We cannot help you a lot in terms of choosing a TV, but let us know if you need help drinking a beverage, eating snacks and watching The Wall TV. Gregg Bamford and or Ryan Bamford would be happy to show up and watch this TV with you!

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