2023 Design Trends

2023 Design Trends

Change is in the air! With a new year comes new styles and new fashionable changes for attire and homes. 

2023 Design Trends – With the changing year we’ve compiled the changing trends in home design and remodels. Here are the top 10:


1) Blue Features:

Blue is the new white. When homeowners are updating kitchens now they are typically aiming for blue hues rather than white everything. Most kitchen colors have been focused on gray and white. Now however, many people are choosing to select blue islands and blue hues. 

2) Natural Wood Cabinets:

Wood cabinets are trending along with the surge in natural materials. White oak seems to be dominating the choices, but walnut is also popular.

Dark woods are not as trendy any more but if you do choose a dark wood go very dark – almost black in color. The chestnut read tones are no longer in style.

2023 design trends

3) Induction Cooktops

The induction cooktop bandwagon is big. For those not on this bandwagon yet, this method uses electricity to heat pots and pans directly through magnetic induction. 

These cooktops work with many types of pots and pans — such as stainless steel, cast iron and porcelain enamel on metal — but they don’t work on all. If a magnet sticks firmly on the bottom of a pot or pan, the piece will work with induction.

People are opting for these new cooktops. 

2023 Design Trends

4) Curbless Shower With Continuous Flooring & Walls

We have a whole blog on curbless showers if you want to learn more. Curbless showers have been a popular bathroom feature for a while. Often the shower flooring is tile that runs throughout the bathroom. At times, even up the wall. This approach further enhances the sleek, streamlined effect of a curbless shower design, extends the non slip surface and helps a small space appear larger than it is.

2023 Design Trends
Bratislava, SLOVAKIA, September 10,: huge bathroom and shower corner

5) Indoor Outdoor living

Who doesn’t love outdoor spaces? Sliding glass doors that completely open interior spaces to the outside are at the top of many dream features lists. Large sliding glass doors are on a wish list for many people. So some people are opting for adding large windows that can maximize views and bring in tons of natural light in a less expensive way than fully glazed walls. 

Some people are also adding smaller glass doors that can be left open with screens because…. Mosquitos. 

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