Closing Costs On Homes

Buying a home is a big deal. There are more costs associated with it than some people take into consideration. These are the closing costs on homes. This blog is to help you figure out some of your closing costs you might not have accounted for.

The average closing costs in Saskatchewan are around $5,477 (July 2021) after taxes, or approximately 1.9% of the final home sale price.


Closing cost in Saskatchewan

Average home sale price:

The average home sale price across the entire province is $288,300. Prices vary greatly from $112,800 in Melville to $414,900 in Saskatoon.

Average total closing cost:

$5,477 (based on the average purchase price across the entire province).

Expected closing cost range:

$2,144—$7,884 (based on the average low and high purchase prices across the entire province).

Percentage of closing cost to home sale price:

1.9%. Remember, these averages are based on sample data. Your closing costs may vary based on your lender, the size of your loan and whether you’re paying in cash.


Closing Costs On Homes


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