Functional Kids Rooms

kids rooms

Kids rooms. They are hard to keep clean and sometimes harder to build for design, organization, function and all of life’s items.

If you have kids and you are looking for ways to make your life (and their lives) easier, we have some tips on designing a room and items in the room to make life easier for everyone.


1) Label Everything

If something can go missing – it usually will. In order to make things run a little bit smoother for the little human people (and the big human people) label everything you can.

If you label everything – kids will be able to easily find where their items go. However, whether or not they put things away properly…. that’s a whole other story!

kids room

2) Keep Everything Functional

Sometimes families grow and the house does not. If you are starting to notice you have more children than bedrooms and a move is not in your future, it might be time to add some function into the rooms.

Built in bunk beds allow for you to have many little people in one room with needing a lot of floor space. There are several cool ideas on how to build out the best bunks for your rooms.

kids rooms


3) It’s All About Storage

If you can add storage to a kids room, you should. This should help keep the area a little cleaner. If you do not have a lot of space for a play area and storage there are cool beds you can buy in order to make space and storage a reality.


kids rooms


4) Keep It Playful and Cheerful

If you have the space, time and money there are many cool things you can add to a kids room to give it that extra sense of fun. You can add a slide, a swing, a net, the possibilities are endless!

kids rooms


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