One Small Step Saskatoon

one small step saskatoon

One small step sk is a new website in Saskatoon looking to bring awareness to the real time needs of non-profit charities in Saskatoon that need our community support that advocate and service for those most in need.


How Did It Start:

  • Gregg and Allison met in a Sanctum challenge
  • Realized there was a lack of community connecting to all the charities
  • When they reached out to see who needed support – response times were slow
  • Topics they want to cover and include: homelessness, racism and how to give back


The One Small Step Site:

  • Partners include Zu, Saskatoon Foodbank, Nutrien, and YWCA + many more
  • Real-time site explaining what non-profits need what: food, clothing, baby items, or monetary donations
  • The site is free for all organizations
  • Currently, 12 organizations use and much more will be added


To learn more about One Small Step, please visit the website or contact us.



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