The Staircase – The Focal Point Of Your Home

Staircases are typically the focal points of the home. Is yours wow-worthy? Or is it an eyesore?

Staircases can be so much more than just practical. They can be showcases, storage spaces, they can unify a home’s design.

Customizing and structuring your staircases can make it the artistic centrepiece of their home.


1) Be Clear On Your Vision

Do your research. Compile photos of what you like. If you can’t find anything you like write down what you think you want. Is it clear, light, and transparent? Or do you like dark and dramatic? Knowing what you truly want in the space will avoid making a staircase you don’t want.


2) Consider The Scale and Space Of The Staircase

This is something that you will have to work within. The area of your home will dictate the scale of your staircase. You can enhance the effect you’re aiming for if you have a large, open area with high ceilings. If this is the case in your home, you need to scale everything upward so the staircase fits proportionally. However, if you have a smaller space that feels a bit more cramped, you can create a more open effect by using a simpler design. Use thinner spindles and stair treads, vertical riser pieces, and lighter colors. Dark, bold, and dramatic might not best fit a smaller space.



3) Blend The Staircase With The Rest Of The House

Here is something you can try to do. Try matching your staircase to the flooring. Or try matching your cabinets or another element in the space to add to the blended atmosphere of the house. The floor is also a large part of your house, and it’s important to keep it top of mind. Using too many different elements such as tile, wood and carpet in a small space can appear to be a miss-match.


4) Match The Staircase To Your Decor

Look at Your Surroundings. If your home is decorated with a natural feel of natural wood, flannel, and the woods – maybe your staircase can follow that pattern.

If your home is an open concept and mostly made of glass – that could be a great way to craft your staircase.

Details are what makes a space flow and feel like a unified whole. Your staircase is an extension of your home.

Buying or Selling a Home?

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